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by FRATERNE MUDATINYA 14 September. 2020 @rwandatoday 5K Views


With 126,761 views and over 5200 likes in two months  on YouTube, Ras Banamungu and the Det-n-ators International's hit 'Evi Tingz Agwaan' is making a very big splash among the worldwide musical community.

Roughly translated as "everything's alright", the catchy song was written by Ras  Banamungu and Steve Dean one evening in Rwanda back in 2013.

With Steve Dean, now living in America, on the phone, Rwandatoday was able to interview both Ras Banamungu and he at the same time.

Rwanatoday: So how did the idea for this song come about?

Steve Dean: Ras Banamungu  and I were both part of an international humanitarian project in Rwanda. One evening, the other members of the project went off to a meeting while we remained at our base at the Mulindi Japan  One Love center in Kigali. We hadn't known each other for long at that time and the both of us being musicians, we decided to spend the time writing a song.

Ras Banamungu:  had the idea for the chorus and some verses already and Steve wrote the rest. Once we had stitched the song together, so to speak, we went into the recording studio the next day and put it down on tape.

Steve Dean: We had previously discussed incorporating reggae, Afropop and Western rock ideas to create a new sound and 'Evi Tingz Agwaan' was the finished result. We're very pleased with it. We went on to write several more songs together, all of which can be heard on the Ras Banamungu and the Det-n-ators International  album 'I am MessenJah'.

Ras Banamungu: I saw the song's potential immediately after we wrote it and predicted it would be a massive worldwide hit in eight year's time. It certainly looks like that's coming true, going by the amount of views and likes on YouTube and other platforms.

Steve Dean: Between us, we played all the instruments on the track. Myself playing lead and rhythm guitar while Ras played bass and drums. Considering we come from very different musical backgrounds, we worked extremely well together.

Rwandatoday: So how do you see your musical partnership progressing?

Ras Banamungu: I'm now working with a Las Vegas-based promotion company and I'm due to do an online performance.

In the near future. Once the corona virus pandemic is over, I intend to go to the States and rejoin Steve to undertake a major coast-to-coast US tour, which we're very much looking forward to.

Steve Dean: In the meantime, we are still writing songs together via the internet and it'd shouldn't be too long before we have enough material for a whole new album.

Rwandtoday: Do you have any particular method of writing your songs together?

Steve Dean: Ras Banamungu usually writes the chorus first and we go from there. He has a great musical instinct and his melodies are always very catchy.

Ras Banamungu: Ideas just come to me and then I work out a basic accompaniment on my acoustic bass. I then contact Steve and he adds lyrics or musical ideas as needed. It all works very well.

Rwandatoday : Do you envisage Ras Banamungu and the Det-n-ators doing any gigs in Rwanda at some stage?

Ras Banamungu: I'd like to do a tour of the whole of East Africa and beyond, if the opportunity arises.

Steve Dean: Yes indeed. Who knows what the future will bring? AIM (Abadahigwa International Movement), as we have titled our partnership, has been around for seven years now, and is getting ever stronger. I look forward to working with Ras Banamungu  once he gets to the States. I'm sure we're going to have one fine time.



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